Problem Solving with the Polymer Coating Specialists

Surface Engineering liaises with customer design teams towards problem solving at product inception level as well as on existing product lines. Below you will find case studies where we have worked closely with our clients to develop effective solutions for their most complex problems

Case Studies

Client A's design engineer needed a vacuum tight aluminium gasket seal for their equipment. All previous efforts at creating a dry lubricated and hard surface (60 Rockwell C) on the gasket had failed. Our Research and Development team applied our specially developed Nickel-PTFE coating on their component. The client was pleased with the coating.

Client B wanted to protect their cast aluminium equipment from extremely corrosive solvents used in drug discovery research. They came to us because they found that other coatings could not offer the protection they required. Our Research and Development team developed a patented coating for them which proved highly successful

Client C was looking for a coating that did not generate any fluorescence between 480 to 600nm, when laser light of 480nm wavelength was incident upon it. Our Research and Development team carried out research to specify an appropriate coating for them that lacked fluorescence in the desired spectral range. The coating more than satisfied our client’s requirements

Client D was moulding anemometer components using aluminium moulds with intricate machining details. They were spending considerably long time on mould cleaning after every moulding run and were not happy with this situation. They contacted us to find a remedy for this problem. Our Research and Development engineers used our patented Nickel-PTFE coating on their moulds which satisfied the client.